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CD/DVD Duplicators

Primera Disc Publisher Xi

The latest Publisher by Primera
the worlwide best-selling CD/DVD robot of the Disc Publisher series.
(by choice also available with Blu-Ray)

Primera Disc Publisher Xi2

The Disc Publisher Xi2 in
it's extended version with
2 CD/DVD Laufwerken
(by choice also Blu-Ray)

EPSON Disc Producer Autoprinter

The Disc Producer as of now available as Autoprinter,

for users who already own a burning station.

EPSON Disc Producer PP-50

The Disc Producer with one drive and a clip with 50 stacks

is the perfect system for getting started in the media

production market.

EPSON Disc Producer PP-100N Security

Network controlable CD/DVD burning system with security lock and authorising- system to protect your data.

EPSON Disc Producer PP-100N

The Disc Producer PP100N in
network variety with an integrated PC.

Primera Disc Publisher 4101

The latest Disc Publisher with one drive, a cost saving Single Ink System and a capacity of 100 discs.

Fastest Primera publisher



Disc Publisher SE

A compact, automated 
“All-in-One” CD/DVD productionsystem

CD/DVD Duplicator DigiMatic


DigiMatic"ODIXION": The network solution for multimedia publishing and
off-line archiving on CD/DVD

ADR BurnBox

Standalone CD/DVD duplicator with 25 disc capacity. Blu-Ray option possible.